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Global Pandemics and Personal Preparedness

People typically ask me why I cross-train so hard and skeptically ask when I would ever use all of my “special” skillsets.  And, my response is that I am studying broader patterns than what is immediately in front of me or visible to you.The hope is that I never have...

The Intersection of Two Paths

People are often surprised to hear about my altar ego outside of work and family.  Your mild-mannered, friendly financial advisor hardly seems like some sort of undercover secret agent. (Tell the ER folks who weren’t buying my story after a training accident, or to...

Evolving from Tactician to Strategist

Back in my younger days (1990s), I was attracted to being a stock broker, because I wanted to be in the thick of the action, buying and selling securities, and closing big deals. This was similar to my previous attractions to the martial arts, as well as my...

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