We all want to build our wealth as we move into 2022; but for some of us, that’s a bit easier said than done. You may not necessarily be able to easily change your income in 2022, but you can change your spending habits and the way that you manage your money this year. Saving money should be your highest priority in 2022, and with good reason. In fact, the Federal Reserve reports that 39% of Americans don’t even have enough money on hand to handle a $300 emergency.


With that being said, we’re looking into some of the best ways that you can save money in 2022. Let’s dive in!


1. Work with Financial Planners


Some of us naturally find ways to save money over the years. Others find the concept of saving money a bit more challenging, and we need help from financial planners.

Financial planners are professionally trained to manage money, and they can offer you great tips, as well as strategies that will help you save money. It can be difficult to approach some of these strategies on your own; working with financial planners may make it easier.


2. Cutting Subscriptions


One of the biggest “money sucks” that has become popular in recent years is the subscription service. Some subscriptions, of course, cannot necessarily be done away with easily. But you may have subscriptions that you don’t necessarily need; for example, you might not need all of the streaming services that you pay for. Get ruthless, and par down those monthly expenses that you may not realize you have anymore.


3. Shop Discount


Lots of people don’t realize how much money they spend on basics because they’re paying for name brands. Go to discount stores for your groceries; buy generic for everything that you can. There’s not a difference in quality, just labels.


4. Stop Carrying A Balance


You should probably stop using credit cards in general. But if you do, stop carrying a balance. This will add interest to what you spent, and though you may feel that your payments aren’t that bad, you’ll actually end up spending more if you carry a balance.


Saving money can require buckling down, but it’s well worth it!