People are often surprised to hear about my altar ego outside of work and family.  Your mild-mannered, friendly financial advisor hardly seems like some sort of undercover secret agent.
(Tell the ER folks who weren’t buying my story after a training accident, or to the people who hit my car and watched me unload my contents before getting my wrecked car flat-bedded out of there…)
In my blog, my goal is to help you get to know me better by understanding how my involvement in the personal defense world has shaped the development of my practice over my career.


During my lifetime, I have had the good fortune to train under sesveral talented instructors in different countries, representing different arts, including USMC, Special Forces, and SWAT.  I’ll give a shout-out to a few of them over time, in case you want to learn more from them directly.  I am just a conduit for these deadly skills.


While there are many other excellent sources for learning how to actually do many of the activities I reference here, my emphasis is on helping non-financially oriented people understand all the financial jargon more intuitively through the vehicle of the martial arts and firearms.  Based on my own warrior path, well-rounded training has made me a more capable and interesting person – certainly not your typical financial advisor!


To learn the secrets of both temples, the choices have been life-consuming.  While anybody can learn one discipline, the value creation comes from the cross-section of where two or more disciplines intersect. The ability to flow seamlessly from one to the other is much more rare, and so this is where I work, live, and play.  This is where I have found “personal” security has is deeply to “financial” security, where “physical” fitness can correlate to “fiscal” fitness.  However, without being mindful, the two can become untethered, leading to less than optimal outcomes.  My blog will share some pontifications about this nexus.

So, whether you already know about personal finance and want to get introduced to something you’ve been meaning to get around to but never felt comfortable learning from anybody else, or whether you are trying to get serious about personal preparedness after the COVID-19 shutdowns, I welcome you to my blog and hope you find me to be the right guide for the financial journey of our lifetimes.